Séminaire Décision, Interaction et Marchés

Fall 2014

October 7th: Fabio Michelucci, CERGE-EI
How to Boost Revenues in First-Price Auctions? The Magic of Disclosing Only Winning Bids from Past Auctions (with P. Katuscak and  P. Jehiel)

October 21st: François Le Grand, EM Lyon
A robust approach to risk aversion (with A. Bommier)

November 4th: Denis Gromb, INSEAD
Financially Constrained Arbitrage and Cross-Market Contagion (with D. Vayanos)

November 18th: Frank Riedel, Bielefeld U.
Non-Implementability of Arrow-Debreu Equilibria by Continuous Trading under Knightian Uncertainty (with P. Beißner)

November 25th: Simon Grant, U. Queensland
A theory of robust experiments for choice under uncertainty
(with J. Kline, I. Meneghel, J. Quiggin and R. Tourky)

December 2nd: Marco Scarsini, LUISS
Competing over a finite number of locations (with M. Nunez)

December 9th: Peter Vida, U. Mannheim
Forward Induction versus Unprejudiced Beliefs in Multi-sender Signalling Games
(with T. Honryo)

December 16th and 17th: No seminar. Workshop Topics in Information Economics