Séminaire Décision, Interaction et Marchés

Fall 2015

September 29th: Christian Trudeau, U. Windsor
On the set of extreme core allocations for minimum cost spanning tree problems (with J. Vidal Puga)

October 13th: Eduardo Perez-Richet, Ecole Polytechnique
Bayesian persuasion with exogenous information leakage

November 3rd: Sophie Bade, Royal Holloway U. London and Max Planck Institute
Pareto optimal, strategy proof, and non-bossy matching mechanisms

November 17th: Larbi Alaoui, U. Pompeu Fabra
Cost-Benefit Analysis in Reasoning (with A. Penta)

November 24th: Juuso Välimäki, Aalto U.
Common Value Auctions with Costly Entry (with P. Murto)

December 1st: Kenji Sato, Kobe U.
Social Receptivity and Innovation (with Y. Furukuwa)

December 8th: John Quah, National U. Singapore and U. Oxford
A revealed preference theory of monotone choice and strategic complementarity
(with N. Lazzati and K. Shirai) 

December 15th: Raphaël Levy, U. Mannheim
Horizontal Reputation (with M. Bouvard)