Séminaire Décision, Interaction et Marchés

Fall 2019

October 11, Alessandro Pavan (Northwestern University),
Searching for arms (with Daniel Fershtman)


October 19, Noémie Cabau (Université Paris-Dauphine),
Collective action on an endogenous network

October 22, Georg Nöldeke (Faculty of Business and Economics, Basel U.),
Stable Assignments and Search Frictions (with Stephan Lauermann)


November 5, Diomides Mavroyiannis (Université Paris-Dauphine),
Microfoundations of Discounting (with Alexander Adamou, Yonatan Berman and Ole Peters)


November 19, Hervé Moulin  (University of Glasgow & The Higher School of Economics),
A simple Online Fair Division problem (with A. Bogomolnaia and F. Sandomirskiy)

November 26, Piotr Skowron (University of Warsaw),
Proportionality and the Limits of Welfarism (with D. Peters)

December 3, Marek Pycia (University of Zurich),
A Theory of Simplicity in Games and Mechanism Design (with P. Troyan).