Séminaire Décision, Interaction et Marchés

Winter 2016

January 12th: Antonio Filippin (U. Milan)
Risk Attitudes and Impulsivity: an Investigation using Gamblers

January 19th: Guillaume Haeringer (Baruch College)
Monotone Strategyproofness
(with H. Halaburda)

January 26th: Anastasios Dosis (ESSEC)
On signalling and screening

February 9th: Juan Sebastian Pereyra (ULB)
Self-Selection in School Choice
(with L. Chen)


March 8th: Olga Gorelkina (Max Planck Institute, Bonn)
Selling Money on EBay: A Field Test for Social Preferences (with A. Gizatulina)

March 15th: Joel Shapiro (SBS Oxford U.)
Credit Ratings and Structured Finance (with J. Josephson)